4 Major Markets in Lagos, Nigeria

4 Major Markets in Lagos, Nigeria

Whether you are a tourist or you are on official assignment, Lagos is a beautiful city to explore and buy all sorts of amazing souvenirs at affordable rates. Here are 5 major markets in Lagos :

  • Balogun Market: This market which is spread across Lagos Island is said to be the biggest market in West Africa. It is also known as the centre of fabrics, whatever fabric you are looking for, from Brocade to Adire to Ankara to English material, Balogun is your best bet. You could also find shoes of all sizes in Balogun and at affordable prices which you could negotiate. This market is not limited to only fabrics and shoes, you could get other items including unique African souvenirs there. Do remember to ensure you have your phone in your hand at all times and your money as it is a busy market and petty thieves are a common problem in the market.

  • Alaba International Market: This market is located in Ojo and it is known for being an ideal place to buy electronics with no external influence as it is a free entry, free exit market. It is open daily except on Sundays and public holidays. It is also an attractive spot for old and new electronic investors across Africa. Who sell their products to the market men and women or invest in their businesses and get a commission. If you also need to fix a home appliance, Alaba International Market is ideal for you.

  • Computer Village: This Market is located at Ikeja and it lives up to its name as it is the Number one technology marketplace. In Computer Village you can get the most expensive gadgets at absurd prices, due to imitations and resales of stolen gadgets. You also have to ensure to check the gadget you bought open it up yourself, put it in a packet yourself and confirm the amount of money given to you as change. As Computer Village is also home to petty thieves, money swindlers and all sorts of deviant individuals. The current Iyaloja (Market Leader) of Computer Village is Abisola Azeez Raolat who holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of Benin.

  • Tejuosho Market: This market located at Ojuelegba, Itire Road in Yaba is ultramodern.Major brands like Etisalat, PEP, SPAR and Zenith. It is ideal for buying groceries, children’s toys and clothes.

Remember to avoid taking cameras and other gadgets to the market except for your phones as this might draw attention to you and put you in trouble with the area boys or make you an ideal target for petty thieves.

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Sun, May 28th 2023
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