You are Engaged! Now What?

We’ve talked about the perfect event space for your engagement party(he/she proposed,you said yes & now you are engaged), with some great venue suggestions to get you going. But once you’ve picked the venue, the second most difficult task of planning an engagement party is coming up with a look and theme for the event. With the help of sites such as Pinterest, it is now very easy to find adorable decoration ideas that will make your engagement party stand out from the rest. Below are just some of our favorite engagement and anniversary party decorations that will make your party one to remember.

Advice for Bride and Groom

Sometimes at engagement parties, it is difficult for the happy couple to engage in long conversations with any particular person since they have to make the rounds. This is why decorations, such as advice coasters, are not only fun for the attendees, but also for the soon-to-be married couple. It’s a great way to engage your party and put in your 10 cents in case you don’t get to talk much with the future bride and groom. When the party is over, the happy couple get a memento of the event and can enjoy all the advice their friends have given them. Some may be heart-warming, some may be helpful, and some just may be there for a great laugh. Regardless, this is a fun, easy, and inexpensive decoration for your engagement party. Near the end of the party, the couple can also read out their favorites!

Balloon Bubbly

It is not a surprise that we associate champagne with celebratory events, especially when it comes to toasting a couple and their future together. That is why creating champagne bubbles from gold and white balloons is not only festive and clever, but it is also inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. All you need to do is make sure you display your champagne bottles and punch bowls in an elegant way on a display table. Remember that the table must be placed in front of a wall of some sort or you won’t be able to make the balloons stay in place. Next, all you need to do is blow up gold, yellow, and white balloons in various sizes and secure them to the wall and table in such a way that it seems like the balloons are bubbles that are being released from the champagne. Not only is this an elegant way to decorate your party, it is extremely easy to both set up and clean up!

His & Her Cocktails

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a cocktail named after us? Well there is no better time to have it done than when all your loved ones are gathered around to celebrate you and your future spouse. Whether you consult a mixologist or do some mixing yourself prior to the party, you and your partner’s cocktails can create a unique drink that can be enjoyed by everyone at the party. The best aspect of having specialty cocktails named after you is that not only will people enjoy a drink you created, but the drink also represents a part of who you are, a creative way to celebrate your commitment to each other. If the happy couple is the competitive type, you can create two cocktail recipes to represent both the bride and groom and see which drink is more popular.

Happy Couple Photos

Celebrating an engagement or anniversary really comes down to only one thing: the happy couple. That being said, decorating the event with photo arrangements of the couple is an excellent, easy, and sentimental way to celebrate the upcoming (or ongoing) marriage. There are multiple ways to arrange these photos. You can hang them from the ceiling like a mobile or string them on the walls. You could even attach photos by clothespins as a centerpiece (see above), chronicling a year-by-year memoir of the couple. This is an easy way to make the party more warm and personal.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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