Where to get Drinks for your event in lagos Nigeria

As Nigerians, we all like to party and we all like to celebrate our happiness with food and drinks. When planning for your event,what your guests would eat and drink is a very important part of the plan. Getting drinks at discount price for your event could be daunting but it doesn’t have to be with the right information. There are a couple of places where drinks can be bought in lagos state,some locations provide discounts based on the amount you plan on buying.We broke down the locations into Online and Offline locations. Here you go.]


This is the No 1 website in Nigeria that focuses on mainly drinks. You can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep hassle free. You can also visit their Offline locations scattered all around lagos. The minimum purchase is N5,000. Orders over NGN100,000 are delivered anywhere on the island or the mainland lagos. Orders under NGN100,000 are charged a one time fee of NGN1000. Deliveries must include Wine,champagne or spirits.

Im sure by now we are all familiar with This website is more like a market place where people can buy and sell items.There are alot of drink vendors listed on this website,and i would advice you scroll through and spend time accessing your options to get the best and affordable deal.

This is another E commerce website who deal mainly in goods you can buy in a supermarket like the name implies.They have a lot of selections and also offer delivery. Visit this site if you would like other items with your drink.

This is a relatively new website and hasn’t been in the industry as much as the other players.The great thing about this website is the ease at which items can be purchased. Their website is really user friendly and they also have a wide selection of drinks. They Use Zippy logistics as their primary delivery agent so you can be sure to get your drink on time.


Apongbon (Lagos)

Everyone that is familiar with lagos would know Akpongbon, its one of the major entries into lagos Island through Eko Bridge. They sell a lot of drinks at discount prices and i feel this is because of its closeness to Apapa port which make it easier for them to reduce their prices, the only problem is the High quantity of fake and adulterated drinks sold at this location. According to popular reviews,you have to have a very keen eye for drinks if you want to buy here to make sure you dont loose your money buying Substandard products.


Standing as one of the biggest malls in Nigeria with over 20 locations nationwide (7 or more in lagos state alone,this is one of the safest and affordable places to buy drinks for your event. You get to shop in a serene environment and can even request for your drink to be carried to your car for you(although you may have to tip the trolley guys & something & for their effort). They have a large selection of drinks for your event but sadly,they dont provide delivery services which would be inconvenient if you are buying a lot of drinks.

So there you are,those are the locations I recommend when looking to get drinks in lagos state. Do you have any other suggestions of places you have bought drinks from before now? What was your experience ? Your Comment would be really appreciated.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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