5 Amazing Places to Visit in Imo State

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Imo State

Imo state is known as the ideal place for hangouts and party. Its capital Owerri which is popularly called “O’Town” is home to several hotels, “good time” locations and historical monuments. Here are five places to visit the next time you are in Imo state.

  • Assumpta Cathedral: Also known as Owerri Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the finest architectural works in Owerri. The idea to develop a modern cathedral in Owerri was led by the diocese and its Irish Bishop, Joseph Brendan Whelan. The architectural style of the building is similar to Renaissance ecclesiastical. The structure of the church is designed in the shape of a Greek cross with four naves of equal length spread in opposite directions and between the naves will four chapels. The altar is centrally located and has a dome that reaches 120 feet in height and 101 feet in diameter. The capacity of the building is 3,000. This structure is ideal for a photoshoot and religious learning as it is a said to be the biggest cathedral in West Africa.

  • Mbari Cultural Centre: The cultural centre is an outdoor museum that holds monumental pieces that show the history and promote the culture of the Igbo Kingdom. It is also a platform for artists and sculptors to narrate the social life of the Igbos and speak of the traditional Igbo cosmic system. These deities visible at the cultural center include Amadioha (the god of thunder), Ogwugwu (the god of the forest), Nwaorie (the goddess of Nwaorie River), Ahiajoku (the god of harvest). Attached to each deity are images of animals such as monkeys, tortoise, rams, snakes and owls, believed to represent errand spirits or mystical messengers of the deities. There are also other significant images like Ikoro( the Igbo traditional instrument for communicating messages) unfamiliar creatures such as the ostrich (Enyi Nnunu); a certain tall figure representing Alakuko, allegedly the tallest man in Igboland; ‘Onye afo toro’, a man whose stomach became bloated because he committed an abomination against Ala. The Mabari cultural centre is a three-dimensional cultural facility, made up of the Mbari House, Mbari Museum Kitchen and an amphitheatre. It is an ideal location to know more about the Igbo culture.

  • Jacaranda Casino: There’s a vibrant air of excitement and tension when you enter the gaming rooms, with some having fun at the slot machines & others taking it seriously at the tables. Jacaranda Casino is also a good hotel location and has a state of art restaurant where you can enjoy all types of delicacies. It is an ideal spot to hang out with a group of friends. It is ideal to dress glamorously when hanging out at the Casino as most of its clients tend to dress like royalty.

  • The Dan Anyiam Stadium: Dan Anyiam Sports Complex is a multi-purpose stadium located in Owerri. Named after Daniel Amobi Amadi Anyiam, vice-captain of the first Nigerian national football team. It is the home stadium of the Heartland Football Club. The stadium has a capacity of 10,000 people. If you a lover of football, it is an ideal spot to watch live matches between several football teams and to also engage in sports.

  • Oguta Lake: This is It is the largest natural lake in Imo State and It is located within the equatorial rainforest region of Niger Delta.The confluence of the Bluewater and the Muddy Orashi River where two different colours of water meet remains a beautiful mysterious spectacle. It is deemed a natural treasure. According to an ancient myth, both rivers were a man (Orashi) and woman (Ogbuide) who were happily married till a conflict occurred and separation happened which is why they can never meet. To the people, the lake is a religious symbol of the god and goddess who can never meet. Activities like swimming, fishing and boat rides occur at Oguta Lake.

Do note that there are certain rivers in Imo State, where only the indigenes of that village are permitted to swim in it and foreigners are advised to remain on land to avoid any accidents.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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