Wedding Diary 01; The Damsel in Distress (Guest Post)

I woke up with a start, wondering what day it was and why I felt so lost. After a few seconds of staring at the ceiling, it hit me; Today was my Traditional marriage! I bolted out of bed like it was harmattan and someone had poured a cup of cold water on me. The clock on my nightstand read 6.23am. Phew! I had roughly Six hours to ensure everything was in order.This is my wedding diary of how my day went.

Simi! Simisola! Are you not awake yet? My mom yelled from the hallway outside my room. I opened the door and met her with an armfull of wrappers. She walked into my room and dumped them on my bed. The gifts have started rolling in already. Your husband’s people are not joking o.

Ehen, morning my dear, oya come let’s go downstairs and meet your Father & Mom, have you called Mama Bidemi? And the guy that’s bringing the ice for the drinks?

Wòó, omo mi, fi gbogbo wàhálà yen sílè. Leave those problems, we would deal with them later. Your father is waiting for us. Pastor Emmanuel is here to pray for us. I rolled my eyes and allowed my mother drag me to the living room. We were in the middle of the second prayer point when my mom’s phone rang. She took one look at the screen and quickly excused herself from the prayer session. She only got as far as the foot of the stairway when she stopped and spun around to look at me, her mouth hanging open. Mummy what is the matter? I asked, automatically worried.

She ended the call without saying a word and piled her hands up on her head. Doyin, kini? What is it? Who called you? My father queried. The enemies are against us. Pastor Emmanuel please start praying for us. The devil is a liar, Mummy what is it now? Say something. The hall people, the event Centre, they had a fire incident last night. Our own has finished! Simi, this is not good. This is not good at all.

My mother flopped herself on the couch beside her. I was dazed, I did not fully register the severity of the information I had just received. All I knew was that my heart had stopped beating.

Err.. Simi. Simiii.. Huh? Yes Dad. I can make some calls, I can talk to your uncle. His backyard is big enough to hold a party. This does not have to be an issue.

Hehn? Back kini? Mi ò gbó? God forbid! What will people say? My daughter will do her traditional marriage in another man backyard. Iró ni o.. I can not let that happen. My mom had stood up and was pacing about.

Doyin, its is not another man. It is my brother. Everything doesn’t have to be so difficult, ehn, Adedoyin, Daddy Tayo, I can’t let that happen.

E ma binu, don’t be offended but I can’t.

From my semi-dazed state, I noticed Pastor Emmanuel shift around awkwardly on his feet. He clearled his throat and closed his Bible. Daddy, sir, it is obvious the devil wants to put problem in this event we have today. Let us pray and bind every spirit of disappointment and roadblocks that may arise. I walked out of the living room. I was livid.

How will binding a spirit get me a venue for my traditional wedding? I stormed into my room, picked up my phone from the night stand and dialed my Fiance’s number. It was unavailable. After three more tries, I gave up, slumped on my bed and started weeping.

A few minutes later, my cousin walked in. What took you so long? You were supposed to be here since yesterday, you found a reason not to sleep over and promised you would get here very early.

Is this early? Is it? I yelled at her while trying hard to keep my tears at by.

Simi, Im sorry. I told you I had issues with the tailor and my dress. I had to get it all ready before coming. I saw mummy downstairs, she told me what happened. What are we going to do.

Babe I do not know. I have been trying to call Alex, his number is unavailable. Im just tired.

Maybe we can rent canopies and put on the street or something I mean, as a last resort.

Because I’m a Local champion abi. I can not do that. Even Alex would not agree to it.

Okay, but you need to stop crying. You don’t want your face all puffy today.

She made an effort to clean my tears with a tissue but I would not allow her.I heard a quiet knock on the door and raised my head to see my only brother leaning against the door frame. I jumped up from the bed and ran into his arms..

Bros T, welcome, My cousin greeted him as she stood up to leave.

Tiwa, bawo ni? How are you? Im fine o. Please help me make her stop crying. Simi, let me go and meet mummy

I ignored her and clung on to my brother. Who is making my baby sister cry? Who dares hurt The Lady on her special day?

I don’t know what to do T. What do I tell the guests? How do I get a hall under four hours? This can not be happening to me. And I can’t even reach Alex. Tell me what to do T. Im so confused. He pulled me away from his chest and held my shoulders.

Hey, breathe. Just take a deep breath. You’ve got this.. We can fix it. I know a guy.

I giggled. You always say that. Can your guy get me an Event Centre?

Well, no. But he can tell us how to get one. There’s this site he used to get a hall a few weeks back when he was planning his moms birthday, he said they were really good. Let me call him right away.

But T, that is in Lagos. How can a site get me a hall in Akure?

Don’t worry about that. They cover’s every state in the country.

Tears of joy

I sat down on the bed and allowed him call his friend. When he ended the call, he walked over and sat beside me.

So, he said the site is They would help us get very good event centre owners and we can get a good bargain.

While he was explaining, I already browsed through the site and got a number I could call. I immediately dialed it and everything else was perfect from then on. We discussed seating capacity, parking space, price, and other intricacies. I was also able to see pictures of the hall so I knew what to expect. Everything was back on track and I was once again excited about my big day.

Written by Nesiama. Nesiama is a literature lover, Writer, art enthusiast and hopeless romantic. She loves long walks on the beach and deep conversations with smart people.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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