7 Tips From A Professional Photographer On How To Perfectly Capture Your Listing

There is nothing worse than using poorly shot, low-resolution camera phone photography for marketing purposes. Don’t get me wrong–the camera on an iPhone 6 is pretty amazing–but it’s nothing in comparison to a professional grade DSLR or mirrorless camera.

The same advice I give to my clients is of equal importance to hosting on Spacebook. If you want to maximize your potential for success as a Spacebook host then you need to have professional photos taken by a Spacebook photographer!

The photographer doesn’t necessarily have to specialize in Real Estate photography, but they do need to be a professional. I recommend hiring a photographer that has experience in shooting and Capturing real creative work like Ayofemi Photography ( Although Ayofemi does not only specialize in Real Estate Photography, he does have an extensive portfolio in commercial photography.

We interviewed Ayofemi and asked him to provide Spacebook Blog readers with 7 tips from a professional photographer on how to perfectly capture your Spacebook listing. Below are his suggestions:

1. Explore The Space

Everything has a face. Any object, whether naturally attractive or not, has a particular way that it photographs best. This requires the photographer to explore various angles, and shoot from multiple directions and heights, to ensure that the best angle of any geometric space is shown the best that it can. Take photos of unique objects that guests might find interesting or entertaining. Show them the entire space.

2. Declutter

Nothing is more attractive or inviting than a clutter-free space where guests will feel comfortable knowing the Building they’ll be staying in has been well maintained. When it comes to photography, I recommend staging your listing like you would when selling a real estate property. Add some flowers to your Event Space table or put a Computer on the desk of your co-working space. These minor touches will add personality to your Spacebook listing.

3. Use Natural Light If Possible

In some cases, this may mean using a tripod and slower shutter speed but the benefit outweighs yellow mixed light from most residential light sources. The white light captured from natural light is clean and consistent. This look will be more appealing to users and enable you to get more bookings.

4. Clean Lines

Apart from using a tripod to ensure sharp photos when shooting at lower shutter speeds, using a tripod also allows you to make sure that the horizon and vertical lines in the image are straight. Crooked photos, in a real estate photography sense, are unprofessional. The message you want to convey to your Spacebook guests is that you take this seriously and want to provide them with the highest quality experience possible.

5. Use Wide Angle Lenses, But Don’t Go Too Wide

I recommend using wide angle lenses 35mm or wider to capture multiple corners of rooms in one photograph. This sells the idea of open space. But while using wide angle lenses will help open up the room, you don’t want to go wider than 24mm. An 18mm lens will give the room a fisheye look. Don’t try to be too artsy!

6. Photograph The Surroundings

Most Spacebook users are looking for a nice place to host their event but are also interested in what’s going on around them. Take photos of outdoor areas and attractions within a few miles of the property. Going the extra mile will pay off. More photos on your Spacebook listing equals more bookings. More bookings equal&’s more money!

7. Don’t Over Edit

There’s nothing wrong using photo editing software to clean up scuff marks on the floor or other minor imperfections, but don’t go overboard. A natural and clean color edit should be used to keep your photos from looking cheesy. If you’re hiring a photographer to photograph your space, take a look at their previous work to ensure you choose someone who can photograph your listing in a style that matches its personality.

At the end of the day, your photography is what attracts guests to your listing. You can describe your listing beautifully–but no matter how many words you write–nothing can compare to professional photos taken by a professional photographer!

Big thanks to Ayofemi for sharing his insight on how to photograph Spacebook listings. You can contact him directly by following him on Instagram.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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