In life, the only thing we get to take along with us out of this world is our memories. A lot of times we are caught up with surviving and trying to stay alive that we forget to live. The past cannot be changed, the future is not promised and the only assurance we have is our present, that if we keep pushing things to a later date, we might end up never achieving those things. Whether you are married or single or a parent, there is no better time to start living your life than now. Here are a few affordable ways to start living.

REBRAND: When you hear the word re-brand, what comes to mind is probably a company trying to change its image but even individuals rebrand. Everyone goes through that stage in life where they are so busy filling up their current role that they lose themselves in the process. Sometimes it might look impossible to be able take a moment and review your current life situation and plan an effective method to improve it. This is why we recommend you go to somewhere different from your usual environment even if it’s just for some hours or a day. Some short let apartments are designed to enable you dream big and get inspired.

REALIZE: Stop pushing that dream to next year or when you retire or when the children grow or when you have money. You can realize your dreams from wherever point you are with whatever you have. There is a popular saying that a man who is diligent in the works of his hands would stand before kings and not mere men. Diligence has to do with consistency and consistency means taking a step daily no matter how little it is. If your dream is to run an empire, then start from your room or even book a workstation maybe once in a week and you will be surprised how you would begin to bloom. It always wise to bloom wherever you are planted and not despise the days of little beginnings.

RELAX: You need to rest, that message can wait, that next project can wait, that auntie’s event can be missed. Even God rested. You cannot keep working and not rest, our bodies need as much rest as possible in order to repair its cells and detoxify. Sometimes you might be unable to take a vacation but you can book an appointment with a spa, visit a gallery or a fun center and just relax. You can give us a call or send a mail for recommendations.

REFRESH: Sometimes the missing puzzle in our lives is a need to refresh. Maybe it is time to renew your vows, recreate a memory that would lead to that mental peace you are searching for. Even our phones have issues at times and we need to restart them, how much more us humans. You might not be able to solve all your problem by renewing your vows but that little event might be the first step to a better relationship. We are always a phone call away to help you plan it.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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