6 Things to Consider When Building an Event Space

6 Things to Consider When Building an Event Space
  1. INCLUSIVITY: every space owner should ensure that they build a space that is accessible to everyone irrespective of their disabilities, gender and health challenges. An essential feature to include in your building plan is a ramp. Also, there should be a form of childproof to provide safety for children who gain access to the building and if possible, a play area for children if you’re considering building an event space that doubles up for a restaurant.

  2. INTERIOR DECORATION: You should endeavor to keep your interior décor simple, for an event space white is the best color to use for the walls and then chandeliers and proper lighting. So that the event planner is not limited when he/she has to decorate the hall. Also ensure to limit having pillars in the room so as to have enough space. As clients majorly do not like halls with pillars.

  3. FLEXIBILITY: Most spaces tend to be rigid in the minimum /maximum amount of people it can contain. As a space owner your hall should be made in a flexible manner so that if the clients want to use half of the hall you can sell the other half to another client. This can be done with movable sound proof barricades or doors.

  4. EXTERIOR: Most clients would patronize spaces with a nice exterior in terms of large parking space, a garden, nice statues etc. When building an event space also ensure to focus on the exterior as much as the interior.

  5. FACILITIES: Every space owner should ensure that they have top notch facilities like air conditioner, sound system, screens etc. Also, the convenience has to be clean, nicely tiled, conducive and accessible to everyone regardless of the disabilities.

  6. LOCATION: Every space owner should ensure that their spaces are properly secured and has easy access to major road. When this is impossible, each client should be given a guide or a link where they can find directions to any major road around the space.

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Sun, May 28th 2023
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