Co-working Space: The New Private Office For Startups.

Co-working Space: The New Private Office For Startups.

Co-working spaces are spaces that are created in an office that provides different business owners the ability to collaborate together and work more closely.

They are usually cheaper than private offices and also provide a kitchen, a reception, and a front desk officer. They are ideal for startups, small businesses, and freelancers who are in search of a community-centric working environment rather than the traditional concept of a private office or home office.

Co-working spaces can be seen as the future of work in Nigeria and the world, in general, considering it was born out of the concept of community building and succeeding through collaboration rather than competition.

Globally, Co-working spaces have become a fast-rising trend and space owners have begun leasing the buildings as co-working spaces rather than private offices.

In Nigeria, there are certain features that are common with co-working spaces. Some of which is the provision of a meeting room, furniture, parking space, generator, WIFI, marker-board, projector, and sound system, this might vary based on the space you are booking.

In terms of pricing, most spaces charge per day or per month, ranging from 1,800 Naira to 8,000 Naira per person depending on the location, type of space i.e. whether it is a standard space or luxury space. Some spaces also provide services like business registration and consulting, an example is Redahlia in Ikeja. In selecting a space there are certain questions you need to ask yourself.

  • What is your budget?
  • What type of business are you into? (This question is necessary as certain co-working spaces are ideal for businesses in certain industries)
  • What location are your target audience in? (You can’t select a space at Surulere, Lagos if your target audience are in Abuja)
  • What facilities do you need? (Are you going to hold seminars constantly or need a high-speed WIFI service?)

Selecting a co-working space can be stressful and consume resources like data, fuel, and airtime which is why people patronize booking websites to provide them with recommendations based on their search criteria.

At Spacebook, we not only provide you with these options but we also follow up on the space owners and ensure that your booking transaction is hitch-free. Book a space on our platform by visiting the home page and selecting your location.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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