How to Plan a Wedding during COVID-19

Planning a wedding can be so difficult from having to select the right wedding gown to have to pick up the right cake to having to deal with all the family issues that come with planning a wedding in Nigeria.

With Covid in the air, it has become even harder

The Spacebook team has created a guide on how you can successfully plan a wedding in this pandemic.

The first step is to do your research, you really don’t want to plan a wedding, have the amazing setup, you have always wanted and then have the Covid Taskforce shut it down simply because it’s against the COVID 19 protocols.

You need to confirm if it’s legal for you to have a wedding party in your desired location If the event center has permission from the State Government to host weddings this period. You also have to confirm the number of people that are allowed to be in the event center and then ensure you put into consideration your vendors i.e. Live bands, Caterers. Ushers and MC.

The next thing you need to do is to create a guest list, It is possible you can only invite 40 people so you can focus on inviting all immediate family members and ensure you inform them that is strictly by invitation. You can work with a private security agency and share a guest list with them so there will be no issues. Also, inform your vendors that they have to be on “The vendor’s list”.

Ensure you have packs of Face Masks and Face shields at the event center, Also have a sanitiser dispenser at the event centre, ensure everyone maintains social distancing and the chairs are arranged to show this.

You can skip item 7 and have a nice looking bag that includes a pack of food, some desserts, water and drink. This helps curb the removal of the facemask.

If for any reason you are unable to hold your wedding at an event centre, here is a cooler way of making sure no one is left out from witnessing your big moment, You can have everyone come for your wedding via a Zoom Meeting and have your pastor or whoever is officiating the wedding and your immediate family in a small nicely decorated space e.g a short let, your house or an office in your church.

We hope this helps you plan your ideal wedding and don’t forget to buzz us if you need help with finding the right shortlet in Nigeria to spend your honeymoon.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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