How to Make your Engagement Announcement.

How to Make your Engagement Announcement.

You proposed or got proposed to, Congratulations! We know you can hardly wait to spread the news! Here’s how to make your proposal public.

Share on Social Media

This is probably the most popular form of announcement. Pick your favourite social platform (usually Instagram) and post your happy news. You can share a photo of you saying “yes” or a video of the proposal at the location to help family and friends feel like they were there. Videos are a thousand pictures we believe.

Animate the announcement with a boomerang (see why we suggested Instagram) of your new ring, your first kiss as to-be-weds or you two clinking champagne glasses.

Publish on a Local Newspaper

If you have the extra cash, you can have it printed in your local newspaper or post an engagement photo with a sweet or funny caption on social media. But first, before posting or publishing anything, tell your closest loved ones. It may not sit well if they are the last to find out about your great news. If you aren’t in the same city, you can always inform parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends in person or over the phone. And if you’re planning to have an engagement party, you’ll want to send personal, private invites along with your announcement, since social media isn’t the place to broadcast an exclusive event.

Send E-Announcements

Send your loved ones an email with all the proposal details and your wedding website. Checkout Spacebook events platform, to showcase and invite people to your fabulous engagement party. Did you or your fiancé hire a videographer to film the proposal? Don’t forget to include the highlight reel.

Publish Your News on popular Blogs

This is another popular method, with sites like Bella Naija Weddings topping the charts in this category. If you can afford it, call or email the publications where you’d like your story to appear and find out the name of the appropriate editor or department. Ask for their writers’ guidelines or a standardised form, if available. Also ask if there’s a fee for publication (there is usually a fee) and whether they accept pictures and the publishing requirements.

Obviously, only include what you’d like the world to know. If you haven’t nailed down your wedding date, you can include something like, “an April wedding is planned”. Definitely do list the date if you’d rather publicise it now than answer a million “So when’s the big day?” questions later.

Formal Wording

Traditionally, engagements are officially announced by someone other than the couple, this duty most times falls on the parents ,unless there’s no close relative to assume the honor or the couple wants to do it themselves. When composing your announcement, feel free to use the words that best reflects your taste, audience and circumstances.

There are many more ways to send your announcement and some of the options above can be used together depending on your preferences but these are the options we feel best pass your announcement across effectively.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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