How to find the perfect venue for your conference.

How to find the perfect venue for your conference.

So you are having problems with finding a space for your conference, you want something that would make your audience energised and inspired. Studies have shown that space functionality and aesthetics will be important variables in making this happen.

Basic hotels or conference rooms might be tempting options, but these spaces are often Low- Energy and dare we say, boring. To ensure your conference goes off without a hitch, consider the following factors when choosing the right venue for your team. Book this conference room with a skyline view overlooking Lekki Lagos.


Location is the biggest factor when starting your search. Understanding what area you need your venue to be located and also what amenities you would like to be located close by. Another factor to consider is if the attendees are planning any activities after the conference. If they’re headed for dinner or drinks afterwards, make sure there are plenty of restaurants or bars near the space/venue.


This is another very important factor especially in a country like Nigeria. You want the attendees arriving to the conference relaxed and ready for the event, not stressed from their commute. If the venue is far from where most of them would be taking off from, make sure everyone has directions ahead of time. You can even link up with Uber or Taxify (now Bolt) and provide promo codes so they don’t have to worry about expenses and which would take some weight off their neck and make it more convenient to come.


Know the number of guests coming for your event. Confirm the headcount so you know what size of a venue to book. Then check that there’s enough seating for guests during the normal event proceedings and breakout sessions . Break time and bonding during meals are so important, ensure the team has a place to eat together comfortably.


Know your Budget. This is very important so you don’t overspend and go overboard with your spending, remember you probably have more events to plan in the future. Plan to spend about 50% of your budget on the venue so you’ll still have enough funds for food, transportation, and supplies.


Think back to the purpose of the conference and what aesthetics are important to the team. Unique venues with lofts, natural light, and even 5 Star Hotels spaces will help create an atmosphere conducive for creativity and inspiration. Book this bright and modern co-working space in lekki Phase 1 Lagos.

Food and beverage

Item 7! Very Important. Make preparations for what style of catering you want to offer. Would it be buffet or something more subtle. Once you’ve nailed down what catering you want for the offsite, work out the logistics of where they should deliver and set up. Pro tip: Check in with our “Vendors platform” (link) to find the catering best suited for your offsite.

Audio Visual Equipment

This is a major problem with event spaces due to the fact this equipment are usually not maintained. Ensure to find out about your audio and visual needs and make sure the venue is well equipped before booking. Confirm with the event space management if the projector, Speakers , television, and other presenting supplies like whiteboards are available. These little details can make a big impact.

These are just some tips to make planning every conference a breeze. Stay connected to our blog if you have learnt something from the above as we post useful content every week

Sun, May 28th 2023
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