How Fresh NYSC Graduates Can Make Money with Spacebook

250,000 corp members pass through the National Youth Service Corps every year, after this period, a lot of them look for avenues to make money till they can get a stable source of income(job), some others follow the crazy hard path of entrepreneurship.

With the age of the internet and the rise of E-Commerce in Nigeria, it has become easier and much convenient to make a lot of money while exerting minimum effort.

From listing goods for sale on E-commerce sites like Jumia and Konga to blogging and making content for Youtube. The Opportunities are endless.

Spacebook is a new frontier in the world on online platforms. It enables you list spaces that would have lied fallow online, thereby creating visibility for said space and earning some money through this form.

The internet is made up of websites and each website is like a plot of real estate. Spacebook makes it possible for you to list your property on this hypothetical real estate space and charge a suitable fee for it according to your own personal preferences. You can charge per hour or per day based on the type of space.

We all know Nigerians like to party and hold events, not a single day passes in Nigeria that some form of event is not held across different locations in Nigeria. Just to give you an idea with numbers, the event industry in Nigeria is Estimated at $20 Billion.

So how can you exploit this opportunity you may ask.

1. List Spaces you have access to that you feel people may need for an event.

It could be that house that your uncle who lives overseas owns (ask his permission first though) that just remains empty all year. A lot of University students are looking for houses to use for Events ranging from house Parties to special birthday bash.

You never know who may need your empty house till you list it online. A lot of houses are used these days for movie shoots and music videos,you just need to know which kind of events you would feel comfortable with.

2. Listing of other peoples Spaces and collecting a cut whenever such spaces are booked online.

Many people, especially the ones in the older age group are just coming to terms about the power of the internet, some don’t understand it and don’t know the benefits (like the visibility they can get for their businesses).

You can build a relationship with people who have event centers or nice looking locations that you feel may be good for any event category (Weddings,conferences,movie shoots,photo shoots,music videos ,book launch etc) and list it on

Then you can charge them a commission for every booking you bring to them,similar to the same way Real Estate agents make their cut.

This is a new industry so i advice a lot of young people to cash in on it before it before it gets over crowded. An average event space in locations across Nigeria charges 200,000 Naira or more. Listing spaces online and making a commission from it without extra effort is really lucrative.Its like Whistle blowing, List (blow) once and continue making recurring Income.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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