9 Apps That Can Help Create The Perfect Event in Nigeria

9 Apps That Can Help Create The Perfect Event in Nigeria

There is colossal value in identifying new and interesting resources when planning any event. Everyone attends parties, meetings, dinners, and celebrations, but finding unique new venues, amenities, and vendors is imperative to taking your event to the next level. Utilize Spacebook’s favorite innovative apps that will help you launch a flawless event.

  1. Super Planner App: Super Planner is a mobile business app that allows anyone to act as a professional event planner. The app gives users access to various pages that calculate everything from the exact number of hors d’oeuvres needed for a specific event to the number of bartenders that should be hired. Precise calculations are completed in seconds, making your event planning process simple, stress-free, and quick.
  2. Pro Party Planner App: Rated the top party planning app in the iTunes Store, Pro Party Planner makes it extremely easy to manage a budget, keep track of guests, and monitor logistics. Seating charts can be created instantly, and room decoration can be planned in an interactive augmented reality setting; app users can view a photo of a venue and tap and hold the photo to add amenities such as tables, heaters, etc. Additionally, guests can RSVP through the app, making every facet of your event readily available at your fingertips.
  3. To:Day: Like a virtual to-do list, individuals who utilize To:Day are able to keep track of a multitude of tasks and meticulously monitor them. The app states how many days there are before an event, and lets users check off tasks that have been completed. To:Day also tells users how many daily tasks they have completed, and reminds them of those that still remain incomplete.
  4. Keedowi: Keedowi involves everyone, both the event planner and guests, in the process. Guests in a contact list will receive invites to an event. Upon accepting the invite, every detail of the event is accessible on guests’ phones. The app integrates Yelp, so all members can decide on a restaurant venue by simply clicking through Yelp reviews.
  5. AllCal: Similar to Keedowi, anyone involved in an event is included in the planning process with AllCal. Planners simply create and share a calendar of events throughout a day (for example, the times when different artists go on stage at an all-day music festival) with attendees. The interactive calendar is updated instantly, which allows guests to stay in the loop when it comes to any changes to event plans and accessing specific event details.
  6. Whova Use Whova to update potential clients and guests from other companies with event changes, networking information, and the daily schedule of an important conference. Unlike other event planning apps, Whova focuses more on the business management and networking aspects of an event. The mobile brochure section of Whova provides an event agenda, map/GPS to locate an event venue, and announcements regarding an event to users. The app also features a business card scanner, making it easy for anyone to stay in touch with and remember new contacts.
  7. Planner Pro App: Planner Pro is a daily calendar, task manager, and personal organizer. The free app combines events, tasks, and notes all in one place, designed so that users do not have to spend extra money on other apps for these purposes. The app is extremely straightforward – users take notes for every task that they have to remember, can view tasks up to a month ahead of time, and track their progress.
  8. Mesh App: Mesh helps anyone plan an important travel event. Create an event such as “Spring Vacation,” add guests to the event, and share itineraries with each other. Payment-sharing options are also available in the app, making it easy for guests to book the same hotels and flights. Events can either be kept private among attendees or made public so that anyone in a user’s network is free to join the fun.
  9. Myhub App: Group activities, such as a wonderful dinner or concert trip, can be planned in seconds with Myhub. Invitees RSVP through the app, and then are transported to a screen where they can pay the event planner for tickets, meals, amenities, and so on if need be. A separate tab offers a chat section, where people can communicate about event timing, transportation, and the like.

If you have any app that has helped you plan your event that you feel we omitted, you can add it in the comment section below and well be sure to reply. Thanks

Sun, May 28th 2023
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