7 Wedding Tips For Pregnant Brides

Being pregnant can be an amazing experience, for some women the first few months are filled with dizziness, nausea, sleep. back pain and a metallic taste. Having a wedding can also be a very memorable experience filled with planning, stress and a lot of decision making. Here are Spacebook’s 7 wedding tips for Pregnant Brides.

  1. Try to schedule your wedding during your second trimester: Morning Sickness should have reduced by your second trimester, Your body would have also gotten used to carrying a baby, so you might be feeling better and have adjusted to the preggo lifestyle.
  2. Avoid tutu skirts: Wearing a Tutu Skirt would make you look bigger than you actually are and it would not flatter your baby bump.
  3. Lower the Heels: You don’t have to wear heels, your feet might be swollen and you might not feel comfortable in the heel, so if you really want to wear heels, lower the heels.
  4. Consider having a second ‘fake’ ring created for your ceremony and the duration of your pregnancy that’s fitted to your swollen fingers.
  5. Consider wearing something comfortable for your bump and you, including comfy underwear.
  6. Stick to classic styles such as the empire line – this is the most flattering shape as it skims baby bumps, rather than clinging to them
  7. Sip plenty of water and allow yourself a little sit-down break for every 20 minutes you’re on your feet. Use this time to sit and chat with your guests.

It’s important to us that you enjoy your wedding and you are comfortable while pregnant. We hope this helps you. Don’t forget to buzz us if need be!

Sun, May 28th 2023
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