7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Space

The use of pop-up spaces is a prominent trend that is growing rapidly among both small and large businesses. Pop-ups effortlessly generate buzz while simultaneously allowing companies to utilize a more selective business approach. Extend your brand and build awareness with Spacebook’s tips to find the best pop-up space for your event.

1. Location

A good location is one of the most important qualities to consider when choosing a potential pop-up space. An area with lots of foot traffic is great, especially if the passersby are shopping. Try to ensure that the pop-up space is in a location that will draw your targeted customer. Walk around the area to get a feel for it, try to find out if the location has had successful pop-up events in the past, and ask locals what they would like to see in the area.

2. Signage

Signage is crucial. Does the space have a large, obvious sign or entrance? Is there a grand logo (or room for one), or is the space entrance small and nondescript?

3. Windows

Windows and front display space should be taken into consideration, as this is how customers will see your event. Try to ensure that surrounding shops have a similar aesthetic, while still different enough to avoid competition. A similar look or vibe across locations on the same block will definitely help in attracting customers.

4. Accessibility

Parking is a huge factor that will either draw or repel customers. In a busy urban area, parking can be an issue that can deter people from halting their commute to take a look. Another great way to attract people is by using a space that is in close proximity to a subway, train, or bus stop. Make it easier for any potential customer to view your merchandise by choosing a pop-up space with nearby, convenient parking and transportation options.

5. Storage

Storage area is a facet of pop-up spaces that simply cannot be ignored. Pop-up spaces that have back rooms, partitions, or curtains to hide items from view will be very beneficial to any company; extra inventory or clutter lying around can make a space appear much smaller and chaotic, and this storage area will keep the space looking clean, refreshing, and organized.

6. Lighting

Appropriate lighting should be chosen to correspond with your event. Choose lighting that goes well with whatever you are displaying; for example, if your event has a more modern demographic, bright fluorescent light may be appropriate, while this light would not work in a traditional, more cozy setting. Flattering lighting is imperative in terms of setting a mood and displaying inventory in a favorable way.

7. Restrooms

Spills and accidents unfortunately happen – make sure that you can quickly eradicate stains on merchandise or conduct an easy, quick clean-up by choosing a pop-up space that has access to a bathroom or sink.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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