5 Wedding Theme Ideas

5 Wedding Theme Ideas

In our earlier post, we discussed how to How to Create the Perfect Wedding Theme. If you are one of the people who do not want to go through the procedures of creating a wedding theme. Here are five of our favourite themes you can use for your wedding.

  • Garden Wedding: If you want something romantic and you love floral arrangements then this is for you. This theme is ideal for a small wedding with 100-150 guests, although it works with any amount of guests in mind. A beautiful space to use on Lagos Island for a garden wedding is Plethora Garden which comes with 120 ideal garden wedding chairs. The ideal colours for a garden wedding are lavender, blush, blue, yellow, green (all the shades of green), peach and beige. This doesn’t mean you can’t use other colours. Vineyard chairs are ideal for garden weddings, simple but beautiful. Also, play around with floral arrangements and keep the decor simple but elegant. You can hire an event planner and ask her to prepare a vision board for 5 different types of Garden wedding ideas.

    • Modern Wedding: If you are a fan of trends, then you need to hire an event planner that keeps herself up to date with the latest wedding trends, ranging from the new plate designs to the new invitation cards and decor. You also have to ensure that the bridal train outfits are in line with the latest styles and also your bridal train arrangement is the current trend. This wedding theme deals with a lot of researching and might cost a fortune as it works with the latest products and fashion. You can set your guest dress code to “Dress To Slay”. You can mix this theme with another theme as it is quite flexible. Some colour schemes to use for this theme are Emerald Green and Blue, Cranberry and Sage Green, Ivory and Burgundy, Magenta with Poppy and Yellow. A space that is ideal for a modern wedding is Queens Park.

  • Futuristic Wedding: If you and your partner are into Sci-Fi Movies and would like your wedding to look like something out of Guardians of the Galaxy. Stick to a simple space that can easily be transformed with decor, somewhere like Balmoral Convention Center. Stick to using a simple colour scheme infused with unique lights, tech centrepieces and props. Play around with neon lights and also inform your event planner to work with a professional caterer who can provide meals or desserts that are in line with the theme. Hire a mixologist to handle your drinks and watch your wedding look like something out of a marvel comic book.

  • Luxury Wedding: If you are a fan of the Great Gatsby or you just like fancy, expensive things, then this wedding theme is for you. A glamorous event space to use for your wedding would be Lilygate Hotel. You must hire a professional event planner for this wedding theme. The ideal colour scheme blush, black, white, or cream. You could include ostrich feathers centrepieces, fancy wine glasses and a floral backdrop. Everything has to be eye-catching and fancy.

  • Afrocentric Wedding: If you would like to go back to your roots and have a wedding that reflects the beauty of Africa. Then an Afrocentric wedding is an ideal choice. Rather than using the usual English chair covers, you could use Ankara / Brocade inspired chair covers. You could also serve African desserts like sugar-coated puff puff, Sombi , Coconut Balls and Titale. You could also ask your Guests to Dress in African Outfits or set the dress code to “Owanmbe Royalty”. An ideal space for this would be Euphoria Event Place

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Sun, May 28th 2023
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