5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out and Be Remembered Forever

The wedding season is upon us. If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: you are either finalizing details for your upcoming wedding or you are starting to plan for a wedding in the near future.

There are millions of tips, thousands of books, and hundreds of planners available to help you plan flawless nuptials and ensure all the details are handled. But this isn’t about planning an average wedding.

According to a Wedding Statistic (Wed Eclectic) done in 2010: “Whenever you are dealing with any sizable crowd you can expect only 20% of people to get involved. Only 20% are going to shake it on the dance floor. Only 20% are going to get silly with the photo props. Only 20% will stick around to the very end. The other 80% will sit quietly on the sidelines absorbing the atmosphere.”

Your wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. With a little preparation, you can turn your wedding, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner into an experience your friends and family will remember forever too, even if they try to just sit on the sidelines and watch.

Including an element of interactivity is a great way to set your event apart, to inform your audience in an engaging and fun way and to add a personalized touch to an evening

According to the Huffington Post, events are the original interactive “application.” They’re where people come together to experience an organization, connect with like-minded individuals and to see a mission statement in action.

Make Memories!

There’s a reason why photo booths are so popular these days — they’re really fun and they provide attendees with an excellent, personal souvenir of an event. If your crowd is playful, provide some props or costume elements to up the whimsy factor.

A very popular picture prop is the Instagram cardboard prop, you can get creative and switch yours up by using other social media filters like Snapchat.

Encourage Creativity!

People find a blank canvas hard to resist. Create an oversized area for your guests to celebrate, praise a cause or express themselves with a painting or two (Just like when you were a kid). Paint a wall with chalkboard or dry-erase paint, or unfurl rolls of paper to serve as the medium. Or for zero clean-up and waste, consider a digital-graffiti wall.

Get Up Close and Personal!

If you’re showcasing performers such as dancers or gymnasts. Consider integrating their work into the crowd during cocktails or a reception. Seeing performers up close is always more compelling than scoping them far away on a stage or in one area of space.

Bring in a Celebrity!

Is there a celebrity or notable person associated with your event or cause? Provide guests with an unforgettable experience by arranging a meet and greet with the VIP. This would surely get your event talked about.

Make Souvenirs Special

Much more personal than a generic piece of swag stashed in a gift bag, a unique item made on site — such as a printed bag or t-shirt, a key chain or a decal — is more likely to stay out of the trash and spread awareness beyond the event.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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