5 Ideas For A Company Retreat

5 Ideas For A Company Retreat

A company retreat helps company productivity by allowing the team regroup and rediscover their passion for the work they do. It also serves as a stress relief activity and fosters team bonding. Here are five ideas for a company retreat:

SPORTS: Whether it’s a football tournament or simply a series of sporting activities at a fun center. Sports has a way of uniting people and releasing tension. When sports is paired with a variety of finger foods, it becomes a match made in heaven and workers can even take some home for their children.

BEACH HANGOUT: The beach wind has a way of loosening up your mind and muscles. The salty smell assaults your senses and leads to the release of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which are the chemicals in our body that affect happiness. A day at the beach with spicy meals and exotic cocktails might just be what the team needs to clear their mind and be empowered to hit that target.

KAROKE NIGHT: An evening at a karaoke bar or private bar could get the team laughing or unlock some hidden talents. Whatever the case may be the team would bond over it and a few drinks. It would also serve as a good discussion topic at lunch break or an icebreaker at a company meeting.

GAME NIGHT: A lot of bonding happens from playing video games and also board games. You could spice it up by hiring a game truck and asking the team to come with a plus one and also to come with something the team can share either a packet of sweets or drinks or snacks. This would not only reduce the amount spent on food but also lead to the creation of an unforgettable memory.

A CONSERVATIVE RETREAT: The Company could book a short let for a week and invite consultants, transformation coaches to teach the team how to be more effective. Most Short-lets have a catering plan and even places you can hold a meeting.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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