5 Fun Things To Do In Lagos This Summer

5 Fun Things To Do In Lagos This Summer

June to September is seen as summer in most parts of the world, except the Nigerian version of summer is filled with rain which ruins the point of summer. Here are a few fun activities to brighten up your damp mood and make summer, a memorable experience for you in Lagos.

1. Explore Nature: Whether it’s a park or a conservation center or a picnic. Exploring nature this summer might just be what you need to get you out of that moody feeling. You could use the Google weather forecast to confirm which day is best to embark on this journey. We would recommend you visit Ndubuisi Park, Freedom Park and Rosella’s Amusement Parks & Events Centre.

2. Explore New Restaurants: Having Lunch in an affordable exotic restaurant would not only keep your happy food wise but take you out of your comfort zone. You would also have an amazing background for a picture for the gram. Fogo De Lagos, Omenka Gallery and Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort are our recommended spots for achieving both an amazing lunch and a “pepper dem” picture for the gram.

3. Spend a day on the beach: Beach resorts in Lagos have begun to evolve and include fun activities you can do while salt infused fresh breeze touches your skin and you enjoy the view of the Ocean. Atican beach and Resort provides you with their club house, tasty food, sports activities and also fun activities for your children for a token of 500 Naira per person on weekdays and 1000 per person on weekends.

4. Throw a Party: Summer in Lagos is always filled with parties to attend and if you an introvert or you like to stay in your house but you also don’t want to miss out of the fun, why not bring the party to yourself? If you are worried about the cleaning or the noise it would cost, don’t worry, we have got you covered with beautiful short lets and event spaces that feel like home and are affordable. We also have vendors who can handle the event planning and catering.

5. Visit an Art Gallery: Art Galleries are not only created for the celebration of art and culture but they also educate you on the history of the people or things in the pictures, the perspective of the artist and maybe even about yourself. Exploring the art would not only get you out of your damp mood but would also inspire you to write that book, visit that place or work on that project.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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