4 Important items you need when moving around Lagos

4 Important items you need when moving around Lagos

Raining season is here and with it comes cold, catarrh and if you live in Lagos, the non-stop, standstill traffic which usually has no cause by the time you get to the front. In order to maximize every day irrespective of the rain or traffic, one has to be proactive. Here are four necessary items to add to your bag when leaving the house.

Sanitisers: Whether you are headed to the market, or to work or simply hanging out. A sanitiser is a must have because it is the easiest, cheapest and most portable way to protect yourself from getting the flu or an infection. From handling cash to touching doors and furniture in public places, A sanitiser keeps your hands clean and free from germs for just 500 Naira.

Power Bank and Chargers: During this season , a quick 30 minutes trip can become a one hour stand still traffic and you might get stranded if you dashed out of the house with a 30% battery or forgot to take your charger along with you which is why it’s wiser to always have a power bank and charger that is always in your bag for situations when the unexpected happens .

Cash: Whether you practice cashless policy or you don’t need money where you are headed , it doesn’t hurt to carry at least 1,000 Naira in your bag just in case there is an emergency or you need to make an impromptu stop or use a bike due to traffic or the ATM machines fail you.

A Means of Identification: An ID card or your international passport can save you from unnecessary trouble, drama from policemen and even help you in case of an emergency. It is a safety measure to have a form of identification on you.

In summary, always be prepared when leaving your house so as to avoid getting stranded. .

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Sun, May 28th 2023
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