10 Steps To Creating An Event Team

10 Steps To Creating An Event Team

Having an effective team is essential to a successful event. It is also one of the most difficult aspect in event planning because it requires a level or leadership and people skills. Here are ten steps that would guide you the next time you have to create a planning committee for your event.

1. Focus on the roles needed in making your event a success

2. Pick individuals based on how well their skills align to those roles and also by their track records in similar roles

3. Have a list of tasks that each team member is expected to do

4. Assign everyone a task (Do not make the mistake of appointing leaders, let everyone feel equal and each person have certain tasks (between 1-3 things) they are meant to do

5. Assign deadlines to each task and also what would happen if the deadlines are not met.

6. Have at least one physical meeting monthly and online meetings weekly.

7. Ensure all assigned task is S.M.A.R.T.

8. Have a progress report for each team member include commitment to meeting times and contributions and when a team member is constantly showing a lack of interest.

9. Replace the team member

10. Be a visionary team lead , and encourage you team to achieve their tasks.

Sun, May 28th 2023
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